About the Michael D. Rothman CIDP Research Fund

The Michael D. Rothman CIDP Research Fund at Columbia University was established to help support critical research into the causes and cures of CIDP and other neuropathies. Under the direction of Drs. Thomas Brannagan and Louis Weimer, the Columbia Neuropathy Research Center (CNRC) is developing and testing several promising new therapies, including a pilot study of biomarkers in CIDP. The objective of this study is to identify a biomarker consistently found in all CIDP patients, which would be an extraordinarily valuable diagnostic tool, and aid tremendously in the treatment of CIDP patients. 

Innovative research remains our greatest hope to eradicating CIDP and other neuropathies.  With your involvement, CIDP research at Columbia University will flourish, giving new hope to patients with this disease and their families who care for them.

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A Letter From Michael Rothman...

It has been 4 years since first receiving my CIDP diagnosis. At that time, I was terrified that there was little hope for me to regain most of my strength and be able to live a normal adolescent life. I can now proudly say that I no longer live in fear. I am a freshman at Indiana University where in between studying and hanging out with my friends, I receive infusions every 4 weeks. Having gained about 90% of my peripheral nerve strength back, I am fortunate to live a very normal college life.

While I have had the privilege of a speedy diagnosis and subsequently the necessary medical attention to battle CIDP, unfortunately there are many people out there who are unable to achieve the same success. These people can be crippled by CIDP and are sadly faced with limited treatment options that often do not work. My family began a research fund in my name to support research that is vital to the hope of the people currently struggling with this disease and the future generations that may unfortunately receive the same diagnosis.

I could never have imagined the success that the Michael D. Rothman CIDP Research Fund has had in its very short existence. I have been overwhelmed with the success of our two annual Mike Mile events and cannot wait for the continued success for years to come. I know the feeling of being hopeless in the face of CIDP and my greatest hope for the Michael D. Rothman CIDP Research Fund is that nobody will feel the same way I did three years ago.